Investor Relations


Wecast Network (NASDAQ: WCST) is leveraging and optimizing its current operations as a premium content Video On Demand service provider in China by aiming to evolve into a global, mobile-driven, consumer data management platform for both enterprises and consumers. By aiming to establish the world’s premier multimedia, social networking and e-commerce-enabled network, Wecast Network, through this expanded, cloud-based, ecosystem of connected screens combined with strong partnerships with leading global providers, will be capable of delivering a vast array of WCST/YOD–branded products and services to B2B customers and end-use consumers − anytime and anywhere, across multiple platforms and devices.

Our business structure will be segmented into four distinct service verticals, each of which will feed the growth and utility of the next through brand awareness, cross-promotion, cross-selling, and ‘big data’ mining:

A. Pay Content Group -- WCST’s traditional subscription-based and single-use transactional services offering, will be amplified and enhanced to include a broader spectrum of content. For these paid services, management anticipates the addition of over 100,000 movies from various producers on a revenue-sharing basis. The content offering will also be expanded to include a globally marketed education content platform and a China-focused gaming platform that directs WCST to become a leader in the development of the on-line gaming ecosystem.

B. Multi-Channel Network Group – Management is expecting the availability of over 70,000+ channels of both traditional and next generation television and content programming, representing all genres of entertainment, sports, gaming, and education, all provided through a free to the viewer, advertising and commerce-supported platform, enhanced with Customized Content Packaging that utilizes proprietary and exclusive Mobile App technology, personalizing and optimizing each viewer’s experience.

C. Video Commerce Group – Strategic vendor partnerships with multiple commercial product sales channels, interlaced into the WCST environment, and providing users with user-specific, tailored e-commerce functionality engineered to encourage immediate and seamless purchasing transactions.

D. Marketing & Data Management Group – A full-service B2B enterprise platform solution offering database, storage, analytics, global computing, deployment, and application services such as Global Partnership Distribution Platform, Virtual Content Network Operations Platform, Mobile App Advertising/Marketing Management & Analytics. Partnerships with global data and virtual currency exchanges, offering a broad range of digital services: Consumer - virtual gift card management, customer data collection; Business - Big Data Exchange Systems, Analysis & Management.